I'm one of those people who have several books on the go at once. I like to have a sci-fi or fantasy on the go, a book where I can learn something new, an old "classic", maybe a regular work of fiction, always something about writing and then one or two of the 8 magazine subscriptions I currently have. So here is my current list:

"Rich man, Poor man" - Irwin Shaw

​"Big Book of Science Fiction" anthology edited by Ann & Jeff Vandermeer

"Merlin" by Stephen R. Lawhead

"Academ's Fury" Book 2 of the Codex Alera by Jim Butcher

Plus >Writer's Digest, National Geographic and Canada's History magazines

Another Day in Paradise - the musings of a Sci-fi and Fantasy Author

Sci-fi and Fantasy for Children of All Ages

Bell Aliant Tower in Moncton NB

Emily wants to be the best vet in the world. With a barn full of pets how much trouble could one more baby animal be? Find out just how a baby dragon changes their world. Nominated for a Hackmatack Children's Choice Award. Available on Etsy for $10 + shipping costs, or email me directly and I'll ship you as many copies as you like.

Paul E. Burns

Riverview, NB Canada

Author of:

"Owen and the Dinosaur"

"Emily Finds a Dragon"

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Manuscript tracker:

"Jimmy and Cinder": 100%

"The Druid and the Dragon": 100%

"ISS - #1": first draft - 15%

"Jaxx" - first draft - 65%